Party Platforms

If you’re just stepping into the game, it’s hard to know who to vote for. We have over seven federal political parties, five of which end up making up the federal government in some real capacity.

I trust no one. How do I know who to start looking at? Try this tool from Maclean’s as a first step into where you might sit on the spectrum:


Great! Now you’ve got a sense of what’s important to you. But here’s a Pro Tip: you should still look at where other party’s stand on the issues you care most about. You might find yourself surprised that another party may be speaking up for more of what you like. We don’t have an incredibly far right reaching party in Canada.



Okaaay…but what does that have to do with what is important to me? You’re going to have to dig a little deeper. I’ve got some options for you. Choose your own adventure and follow the links:

  1. The Skeptic: you’re probably not even going to vote cause it all sucks so bad, but if you were maybe possibly so inclined to you want to know the bare minimum basics. Quick and dirty and a little bit pretty.
  2. The Engaged: you’re gonna vote, you have a few things you really care about and you want to know which party is thinking the same as you. Just don’t confuse you with a bunch of stats and junk, just facts.
  3. The Battler: you’re 90% sure everyone is lying to you and you want to find out the truth for yourself. You’ll read right from the source and find what’s hidden beneath the rhetoric yourself. Welp, happy nights of reading to you, warrior, here’s the party platforms:

Conservative Party of Canada logo LIberal Party of Canada logo Green Party of Canada logo NDP Party of Canada logo



October 19, 2015


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