I Want You To Vote.

I’m so glad you’re here.

We have a Federal election coming up in Canada. (Yes, another one. Yes, again. Ugh, I know.)

If you live in Windsor-Essex, here’s your one stop political shop.

Every riding in the region, every candidate running in that riding. All their contact info, anything they update, all their social profiles and websites. I’m going to update as much and as often as I can.

You’ll find no partisan politics here, I’ll never tell you who I’m voting for or why you shouldn’t vote for someone. I have opinions on the way they run their political campaigns, which I’ll share. (PS: If you find something useful that I don’t have here, I’m thrilled if you’ll share it and I can post it here.) I’m fun and I think politics is fun and it’s my mission to prove that you can find something to care about in here.


Less and less Canadians are going out and voting…and I want to know why. Because I want to change that. I’m in the Gen Y/Millenial age group…and we are less engaged than pretty much anyone, but we have the most to lose or gain from elections of any kind.

In my early research, your reasons for not voting are simple:

  • the language politicians use is alienating
  • citizens don’t trust politicians to deliver on promises
  • no one understands how our system works
  • they can’t find information on the candidates
  • they don’t know the difference between the parties
  • politics is boring
  • nothing ever changes so what’s the point of voting anyway

Got anymore for me?

I think politics is really cool, and does some incredible things. And I think it gets better the more people pay attention and get involved. Sure, maybe it’s a little more complicated with more voices in the fray, but that’s part of the beauty of a democratic country with free speech laws.

Even if all you ever do here is click a few links and read a few lines on a candidate’s website? It’s a few more than you read yesterday and that’s a win. If I can get one of you to vote who wouldn’t have voted before this? Sweet sequined sweater kittens, it’s a miracle!

AliciaHi, I’m Alicia. I’m the author here. I hold no office and proclaim no allegiance to any political party. I have no authority other than I love politics and I’m pretty smart.

I’m interested in voter apathy and want you to vote. I wanted to make it easier for citizens of the Windsor-Essex region to find the information they don’t feel like they’re getting. And I want to present that information in a way that doesn’t feel stuffy or like something a politician would say, ya know?!

Get in touch with me at thevotingproject@gmail.com